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Flood and French can visit you to discuss the best options for your needs and we will help you to make an informed decision as to your choice of boiler and the range of boilers we have available. From the many available we give a 5 year parts and labour guarantee on the Vokera Boiler or you can upgrade to 8 years parts and labour on the Worcester boilers. All boilers fitted now must be condensing due to the Part L1 of the Building Regulations that relate to the conservation of fuel and power law.

We can install a full gas, LPG or oil heating system. We can incorporate underfloor heating which is great in an extension, conservatory or a bathroom.

Whether you want to add on a radiator or change your central heating system, install a new boiler, repair or maintain your boiler system we are here to give free advice and support to everyone. We can supply any make of boiler at a very competitive rate.

The benefits of changing to a combination boiler

Benefits of a combination boiler are:

  • Space previously taken up by a hot water tank and a cold header tank can be used for storage or even a shower cubicle because you would no longer need them.
  • No problems about freezing up tanks or overflows because they are no longer needed.
  • Combination boilers are suitable for all types of property including smaller flats to utilise the space.
  • Hot water is delivered when needed at near mains pressure.
  • Increased hot water pressure for most installations meaning a shower without a pump.
  • Instant hot water for as long as you want it 24 hours a day. No more problems that someone has just had a bath and used it all.
  • Combi boilers cost less than conventional boilers and are easier to install.
The disadvantages of changing to a combination boiler

Combination boilers are not for everyone hence we will discuss with you your best options but here are some disadvantages of having a combi boiler:

  • If your boiler stops working you won't have any hot water. An electric immersion heater cannot be a backup for hot water.
  • Combination boilers are not the answer for every home, if you have more than one bathroom it may be that it is not going to give adequate hot water which is why we will discuss and advise you of your best options.
  • Diminished flow rate if you run two taps simultaneously.
  • Hot water delivery rate could be slower.
  • If you want further information on our wide range of boiler related services, please contact us using the contact form on the right or by calling us on 01473 213464.

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