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Renewable Energy

Heat Pumps

At Flood and French Ltd we offer renewable energy services to all of our clients and have invested heavily on training our staff on the latest technologies. Our highly trained renewable energy heating engineers are qualified to fit solar heating systems, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps to all types of properties, not just in Ipswich but all of Suffolk and surrounding counties; Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

The advantages of implementing renewable energy for your home such as installing solar panels, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps are obvious in the savings made from energy bills. Reducing your carbon footprint is also a major factor for installing renewable energy to your home or property. Renewable energy does not produce no greenhouse gases and will help the environment. More and more people are now changing to renewable energy because of the benefits to the environment and benefits on saving on energy bills.

    Air source heat pumps

    Air source heat pumps obtain energy from the air outside and convert it to heat your home and its water supply. This replaces any need for a boiler.

    Air source heat pumps come with two options:

  • Air to water heat pumps - this heats a building through radiators or under-floor heating.
  • Air to air systems - this produces warm air that is circulated for space heating.
  • Both are extremely effective. Even when temperatures outside drop as low as -20 degrees celsius.

    Ground source heat pumps

    These are ideal if you are building or renovating your own home. Our ground source heat pumps take solar energy that is stored in the ground and converts it to meet the heating and hot water needs of an entire household.

    This technology also replaces the need for a boiler and is a great combination with under-floor heating and radiators.

    Ground source heat pumps do use electricity but you can reduce this cost by subscribing to a green tariff scheme which offers discounts on electricity used to promote renewables.

    As energy bills are reduced, ground source heat pumps offer a payback which significantly better than those of other renewable technologies.

    If you're looking to save the environment and lower your energy bills then please contact us using the contact form on the right or by calling us on 01473 213464.

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